SimbeyChess is a two-player (hot seat, networked, or PBEM) native Windows implementation of Chess!  Playing against the computer is not yet supported.

There might be some quirks in the game rules (especially with Castling), but what makes SimbeyChess special is that it doesn't just support Chess.  It also supports Checkers, but even that would be entirely unremakable on its own.

No, what makes SimbeyChess special is that the game boards can be customized using simple text files!  Chess and Checkers pieces can be placed on the SAME board!  Game boards can be larger or smaller than the traditional 8x8 playing area too!  Finally, there are several colored tiles available, including impassable "water" or "wall" tiles.

There are some extra game pieces available too.  There's a "rabbit" game piece.  There's an "archer" game piece.  Even the "marshal" from Stratego makes an appearance!

The game board's view can be moved around by holding the right mouse button and dragging.  The game board's view can also be zoomed using the mouse wheel.

If that sounds like fun, try giving SimbeyChess a test drive!

Like all my applications, SimbeyChess is written using pure Win32/C++.  There is no ATL, STL, Boost, Qt, etc. The UI and game pieces are rendered using GDI+.  The game pieces are actually defined as vector paths in JSON, so they scale correctly as the game board is zoomed in or out.