Bunny Tetris

If you enjoy Tetris, you may enjoy playing Bunny Tetris!  The game play actually feels quite a bit different from the more conventional Tetris clones, so it's worth a try regardless of how much you love or hate other Tetris clones.

Simbey's Bunny Tetris runs on anything with DirectDraw.  Windows 98 and newer should run it fine.  Click here to download Bunny Tetris.

Depending on the game type (selected on the Options menu), you will encounter bunnies that drop from the top of the screen and eat the top block in every column, orange blocks that eat other blocks, diamonds that multiply (and can net huge scores), and bombs that blow away chunks of blocks.

Each level of the game features a different rabbit for the background.  The music is played by DirectMusic, and I know the music is silly, but I was excited just to get music playing in the first place!

On a side note, all of the game's data files are in zipped files.  The program uses the zLib library to extract the game files.