Simbey's Wolf3d To Doom Converter
This program can convert the map structures of Wolf3d and Spear of Destiny to Doom 2 or ZDoom format.  It leaves much to be desired for the objects, although it does convert a few objects (pillars, the green barrel, the spear) to actual sector/line based objects in Doom.  If anyone would like to extend the object conversions, please let me know.
MapToWad was originally just a quick hack for a project I was thinking about doing, but I never started the project.  I only wrote the utility I needed to do the project!  In any case, this was a fun program to write, even though I doubt it will help anyone.

As stated above, this conversion utility works with Wolfenstein 3d and Spear of Destiny.  It should also work on any other game that uses the same map format as Wolfenstein 3d, although you would need to change the textures.  I believe Blake Stone would be one such example.

I originally started writing this utility in late 2003, and although it was functional, it wasn't well written.  I had two separate builds for the Doom 2 and ZDoom conversions.  As of March, 2006, there is now one build for both.  I reorganized most of the source code, and everything is cleaner and more efficient now.  I also fixed a bug.

Please note that once you run the converter, you will need to build the nodes for the converted map using your favorite nodes builder.  I use Doom Builder.

Interestingly enough, one of the ZDoom enthusiasts has made use of my conversion tool and has put together a complete conversion of Wolfenstein 3D to ZDoom.

If anyone has comments or finds this useful, please send me an E-Mail!


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Up to four Wolf3D maps can be converted into a single Doom map!