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Mandelbrot Set
By Simbey

Mandelbrot Set - 256 Iterations Mandelbrot Set - 256 Iterations
Mandelbrot Set - 512 Iterations Mandelbrot Set - 512 Iterations
A long, long time ago (late May, early June, 1999), I tried to write a Mandelbrot set viewer.  It drew the basic outline of the fractal, but it wasn't very detailed.  I never understood why.

I decided to take another look at it this morning, and I discovered that I hadn't really been doing anything wrong.  I found that I could actually increase the resolution of the image by increasing the number of iterations used to check the escape value of the algorithm.  I had been using 20 iterations, multiplied by 12 to get a shade of blue.  I'm not really sure why I had picked 20!

Now you can press the 'M' key to change the resolution.  It begins at 256 iterations, so it's going to be slow on older computers.  Pressing the 'M' key cycles you through the list: 256, 128, 80, 40, and 20.  You can also press the 'D' key to get a very detailed image at 512 iterations.

Have a look for yourself!

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