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SimbeyChess Revised
By Simbey

After a little more than a year, I took a look at SimbeyChess again.  Although I had initially thought about doing a plugin system for the units, I decided that model had made the program too complicated.  The game still supports both checkers and chess pieces.

When I began writing SimbeyChess in 2004, I wanted to use Microsoft's DirectPlay to manage the network connection between two players.  However, I found documentation to be inadequate to properly get the DirectPlay interface working.  Apparently, Microsoft has decided to shelve DirectPlay, and I don't even know if there are plans to create a replacement interface.

For the revised SimbeyChess, I decided to just hook up two players with TCP/IP.  The user interface is a little rough, but it works!  Players can also specify which port they want to use.

You can download SimbeyChess and give it a test.  When you are setting up as a host or hot seat, you can specify which map you want to play.  The maps are simple text files, and you can very easily build your own maps by studying the existing map file layout.

If you try SimbeyChess, please send me some feedback!

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