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Simbey.com Status Report
By Simbey

Every now and then I receive an E-Mail from someone letting me know feature "x" is broken on this website or that some page has broken links.  They're right.  This website isn't really much of a website.  What content do I have to offer?  Do I need a guest book, a forum, and other interactive web content?

The truth is, I don't even care about developing HTML content anymore.  Once Internet Explorer 7 ships, all web browsers will officially suck.  The web has become an annoyance, and the wrong features are being put into web browsers while useful features are being removed.

But I'm still here, so where is my non-work energy being focused?  Although the web sucks, the broader non-HTML Internet is still interesting to me.

The SimbeyMail project has been an extraordinary success (it may have even indirectly played a role in how I got my current job), but it's old, and I've learned some new tricks.  My current focus now is redeveloping the E-Mail server from the ground up.  This is technically the third iteration of the server, but this time I am naming it the SimbeyServer.

Over Memorial Day weekend earlier this year I wrote the new networking architecture for the SimbeyServer, and it's very nice!  Between then and now I've slowly put together the underlying architecture for supporting multiple domains, and I've written the mailbox code, which will support folders.

Initially, POP3 and SMTP will be supported, and I am including placeholders for IMAP.  I am also looking into support for POP4.  POP4 supports folders and message flags, and it will give me an easier stepping stone between POP3 and IMAP to test my mailbox code for folders and flags.

My loftier plans for the SimbeyServer include LDAP and possibly IRC, but these will wait until after IMAP.  All protocols will have support for IPv6, and the architecture is present for supporting alternative transport layers.  I am considering supporting named pipes.

So what happens when the SimbeyServer is finished?  I will need to write a new server-side ActiveX control so my ASP webmail interface can use the new server, and I will need to write a new control panel applet.

And then what?  Well, if I actually manage to complete these tasks, then perhaps I can begin looking into what to do about this website!  Maybe by then Internet Explorer 8 or 9 will be out, and it won't suck like 7 is going to, so I can finally get back to finishing whatever broken features are present on this website.  Such features will depend on the SimbeyServer, in fact, for things such as authentication.  I will continue to support anonymous access to the website, but for any of the protected content, a SimbeyServer account will be required.  If I am able to build IRC into the SimbeyServer, then a SimbeyServer account will be your single sign-in access point to this website, E-Mail, and chat!

More importantly, by then there will be no reason to visit this website anyway since you will be able to access all of its content via traditional Internet programs such as mail readers and IRC client programs.  Oh, yeah, and you'll be able to use whatever program I come up with at such a point in time to view the photo archive without needing to bother with HTML and crappy web browsers.
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