Animations File 179.3 K These animations are needed for the Miller level
Cargo Bay 22.0 K This is an unfinished level
Doom 2 City 88.3 K This is an interesting Doom 2 city level
Remember Hitler's robotic suit from Wolfenstein? Miller Jr. High (Gold) 1,554.9 K This is the finished product for the Miller Jr. High level.  It includes all the files necessary to run it, including a modified DOSDoom executable.
Miller Jr. High 199.5 K This is one of the earlier copies of the Miller level which should still work under the retail release of Doom 2.  It requires the Animations WAD.
Miller Jr. High (Doom 95) 239.6 K This is the packaged version of the Miller Jr. High level for use with mods such as Doom 95 which can only include a single PWAD.
Multiplayer Forts 38.3 K Two multiplayer forts created with teams in mind.  It has interesting switches.
The Hole.Wad 18.5 K This was Simbey's first Doom level ever!
Classical Music 359 K Compilation of classical music for Doom.
Source Code
DOSDoom 0.653 769.4 K This may very well be the last known copy of DOSDoom 0.653's source!  The code here is only slightly modifed (it's the code used for the final version of the Miller Jr. High level).  I changed the health and armor rules slightly, and I also added the ability to use a robotic exoskeleton.  Code compiles with DJGPP.  Enjoy!
Wolfenstein 3D Map Converter - Convert Wolfenstein 3D maps to Doom 2!
  ZMiller.wad 1.77 MB ZMiller.wad for ZDoom/Skulltag.  The map is based on the Miller Jr. High map, but some ZDoom specific features have been added.  This is the only file needed to play the map with ZDoom or Skulltag.  WadSeeker should automatically locate this file.
  LAN_Party_CTF.wad 272 KB I've used this map several times in LAN parties that I've hosted.  WadSeeker should automatically locate this file.

As we all know, Doom was one of the greatest games of all time.  It played a major role in the progress of 3D gaming.  Doom will forever remain one of Simbey's favorite games.

Some History

Sometime in 1994 - Simbey is introduced to Doom

Early 1995 - Simbey begins building Doom levels

Late 1995 - The Miller Jr. High level is started

July 1996 - Simbey gets the Internet

Early 1998 - Simbey is introduced to DOSDoom

April 27, 1999 - Simbey is accused of plotting mass murder at Miller Jr. High